New Year Greetings / Salutations Gadget

An amazing collection of Greetings , Wishes, Compliments, Regards, Salutes, Salutations, ( sms, text messages, sayings ) for the New Year that could help you with ideas to show your love, respect and appreciation to those that are important to you , (father, mother, children , friends , etc.). Reload the page to read a new Greeting. I wish you a Happy New Year!!!

Instructions for the Code
h = Height of the Gadget;

w = Width of the Gadget;

title = Title of the Gadget;

Code for the Application
<script src=";synd=open&amp;w=275&amp;h=340&amp;title=New+Year+Greetings&amp;border=%23ffffff%7C3px%2C1px+solid+%23999999&amp;output=js"></script>

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