Angle Converter Gadget

Start by selecting the angle unit, insert your numerical value and it will automatically be converted to 11 units: ArcMinute (Amin / MOA / '), ArcSecond (Asec / ''), Radian (Rad), Degree ( Deg / °), Gradian (Grad / Gon), Octant (Oct), Quadrant (Qdt), Sextant (Sxt), Sign (Sgn), Turn/Revolution/Rotation(τ), Angular Mil . Initially only 5 units are displayed by default. By clicking the Extra Units Button the bonus numeber of units will appear. In the IGoogle Directory you can select to display the Extra units by default or not and also set the default Decimals, (Precision) Numbers. Keywords: online, free, gratis ---plane, from, to, in, a, von, zu, du, la, din.---converter of angle. conversion. calculator. a ---Konverter von Winkel. Umwandlung. Taschenrechner. a Minute. eine Sekunde. Radiant. ein Grad. ein Neugrad. ---Convertisseur d'angle. conversion. calculatrice. une minute. seconde. Radian. Degré. une Gradian. ---Convertitore di angolo. conversione. calcolatrice. un minuto. un secondo. Radianti. Grado. uno gradianti. ---convertidor de ángulo. conversión. calculadora. un minuto. un segundo. Radian. Grado. un Gradian. ---Convertor de unghi. de conversie. calculator. un minut. secunda. Radian. Grad. o Gradian. ---ArcMinutes, ArcSecondS, Radians, Degrees, Gradians, Octants, Quadrants, Sextants, Signs, Turns/Revolutions/Rotations(τ)---converter av vinkel. konvertering. kalkulator. et minutt. et sekund. Radian. Grad. en Gradian. ---tiontaire na huillinne. comhshó. áireamhán. ar Nóiméad. ina Dara. Radian. Céim. ar Gradian. ---converter van de hoek. conversie. rekenmachine. een minuut. een tweede. Radiaal. Graad. een Gradian. ---omvandlare av vinkel. konvertering. miniräknare. en minut. en sekund. Radian. Grad. en Gradian. --- 角度のコンバータ。変換。電卓。分。秒。ラジアン。程度。---각도 변환기. 변환. 계산기. 잠깐만. 잠깐만. 레이디언. 학위. ---ממיר של זווית. ההמרה. מחשבון. דקה. שנית. רדיאן. תואר. ---muuntimen kulma. muuntaminen. laskin.Minute. Second. Radian. Tutkinto. --- konverter af vinkel. konvertering. lommeregner. et minut. et sekund. Radian. Degree.---

Instructions for the Code
h = Height of the Gadget;

w = Width of the Gadget;

title = Title of the Gadget;

For more Advanced Settings go here: Gadget Settings

Code for the Application
<script src=";up_ExtraU=nu&amp;up_DecimNr=2&amp;synd=open&amp;w=305&amp;h=505&amp;title=Angle+Converter&amp;border=%23ffffff%7C3px%2C1px+solid+%23999999&amp;output=js"></script>

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