Objectives, Targets, Aims - 5in1 Tracker Gadget

This application is a smaller version that you can use to monitor your most important 5 targets and see the time left (days, hours, minutes, seconds) until achievement. Go to Gadget Settings and set the appropriate time values of the event that you want to monitor, a name of the event and desired colorful theme. Also you can visualize the current date and a digital clock. Keywords: passed time,application, dates difference, gifts, jewel, diamonds, ring,color, buy, give, countdown, candy, calendar, T-Minus, track, timer, clock, tracking time, calculate how long since,Apocalypse ,progress ,stopwatch , online ,upcoming , release dates, movie, schedule, Wedding day ,expiration ,Super Bowl ,Chanukah ,remind, birthdays, friends and family , rugby, Olympic Games ,Formula 1 ,Valentines Day ,UEFA Euro football, soccer ,dates, aims, targets, objectives,special moment ,End of the world ,Christmas ,Mayan ,holydays ,easter ,new year ,job , age, movie release ,tennis ,chess ,goal,business meeting, conference, assembly, summit, seminar, board meeting, consultation, get-together, gathering, convention , appointment, pregnancy ticker,count down the days , baby, operation, Nascar, holidays ,vacation , xmas, tv show, holiday, religious, exercising , sport, timekeeper , affair, milestone, basketball.----compte à rebours. noël. Pâques. événements. réunion. projets. les jours fériés.--Weihnachten. Ostern. Ereignisse. Treffen. Projekte. Feiertagen.--conto alla rovescia. natale. pasqua. gli eventi. riunione. progetti. vacanze.--cuenta atrás. navidad. semana santa. eventos. reunión. los proyectos. días de fiesta. --contagem regressiva. christmas. easter. eventos. horloge, uhr, orologio.reunião. projetos. feriados. --العد التنازلي. عيد الميلاد. عيد الفصح. الأحداث. الاجتماع. المشاريع. الأعياد. --倒计时。圣诞节。复活节。事件。会议。项目。假期。 --odpočítávání. Vánoce. Velikonoce. Události. jednání. projekty. svátky. --nedtællingen. jul. påske. arrangementer. møde. projekter. helligdage.nedtællingen. jul. påske. arrangementer. møde. projekter. helligdage. --aftellen. Kerstmis. pasen. evenementen. vergadering. projecten. feestdagen. --lähtölaskenta. joulu. pääsiäinen. tapahtumia. kokouksessa. hankkeita. vapaapäiviä. digitaalinen kello.--αντίστροφη μέτρηση. Χριστούγεννα. Πάσχα. γεγονότα. συνάντηση. έργα. διακοπές. ψηφιακό ρολόι. -- उलटी गिनती. क्रिसमस. ईस्टर. घटनाओं. बैठक. परियोजनाओं. छुट्टियों. डिजिटल घड़ी. --visszaszámlálás. karácsony. húsvét. események. ülésén. projekteket. ünnepek. digitális óra. --カウントダウン。クリスマス。イースター。イベント。ミーティング。プロジェクト。祝日。デジタル時計。 --카운트 다운. 크리스마스. 부활절. 이벤트. 회의. 프로젝트. 휴일. 디지털 시계. --nedtelling. jul. påske. hendelser. møtet. prosjekter. helligdager. digital klokke. --обратный отсчет. Рождество. пасхи. событий. встречи. проектов. праздники. цифровые часы. --nedräkning. julen. påsk. händelser. möte. projekt. helgdagar. digital klocka. -- geri sayım. yılbaşı. easter. olaylar. toplantı. projeler. bayramlar. dijital saat.-- numaratoare inversa, timp scurs, ceas digital, calcula timp,pana cand, Apocalipsa, progres, cronometru, online, date viitoare, program tv, ziua nuntii, Ziua Indragostitilor, fotbal,Sfarsitul lumii, Craciun, Maya, Paste, Anul Nou, film, intalnire afaceri, conferinta.

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Instructions for the Code
h = Height of the Gadget;
w = Width of the Gadget;
title = Title of the Gadget;
Advanced Settings : Gadget Settings

Code for the Application
<script src="//www.gmodules.com/ig/ifr?url=http://hosting.gmodules.com/ig/gadgets/file/112611570873828348120/5Countdowns_HB.xml&amp;up_Theme=Sunny&amp;up_Task1Tm=2012%2F9%2F11%2011%3A42%3A44&amp;up_Task1Nm=Laptop&amp;up_Task2Tm=2012%2F10%2F19%2021%3A02%3A55&amp;up_Task2Nm=Buy%20Audi&amp;up_Task3Tm=2012%2F12%2F25%200%3A00%3A00&amp;up_Task3Nm=Restaurant&amp;up_Task4Tm=2012%2F8%2F15%205%3A35%3A31&amp;up_Task4Nm=Sailing%20&amp;up_Task5Tm=2012%2F7%2F18%207%3A29%3A24&amp;up_Task5Nm=Project%205&amp;synd=open&amp;w=300&amp;h=425&amp;title=Objectives%2CTargets%2CAims-5in1+Tracker&amp;border=%23ffffff%7C3px%2C1px+solid+%23999999&amp;output=js"></script>

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  1. The calculation of the hours going wrong.
    Set five birthdays with time 00:00:00
    The first is good the four next calculates one hour less ??

    Frank Belgium

  2. @ Frank Belgium.
    I just tested the gadget and it's working fine. please provide the specific dates you inserted.

  3. This are the dates

    2012/3/15 00:00:00
    2012/10/15 00:00:00
    2012/8/27 00:00:00
    2012/7/3 00:00:00
    2015/7/1 00:00:00


    1. This is what I see: the first is good. The others the time (hours)must be the same ?
      South Street
      17 : 09 : 12 Days Hrs Min Sec
      Lore 03 06 50 48
      Cas 217 05 50 48
      ML 168 05 50 48
      Nele 113 05 50 48
      Pensioen 1206 05 50 48


    2. I am thinking: is it the daylight time ???? end of March 02:00 --> 03:00
      end October 03:00 --> 02:00


  4. @ Frank
    if you have noticed the hour difference, occurs only for the short time deadlines (up to april = the 4th month). if you choose another longer deadline, the hours will be the same. as you now in spring and autumn the hours change Forwards or Backwards, the so called "Daylight saving time". this explains the hours difference you are getting.