Relax, Jazz, Top Hits, Oldies etc. Internet Streaming Radios Gadget

Whenever you want to listen your favourite musical genre ,directly from your Website, Igoogle / Orkut account, Blogger page, etc., this application comes in handy with preselected radio stations. You may also customize it by adding your own favourite radios. You have musical genres such as: classical, dance, pop, blues, rock, relaxation, jazz, reggae, xmas etc. You also have a News and Talk radios in mutiple languages(english, francais, italiano, deutsch, romana, spanish, russian). Available options: Play, Pause, Previous, Next, Volume, Slider buttons. Comes with a digital clock and a google search bar. Go to Igoogle Settings to change default Volume, default musical genre, set Autoplay and choose your custom Radio stations. It works on major browsers Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera. Keyboard shortcuts:space-Play/Pause;P-Play/Pause;S-Stop;I-Show informations;left-5 seconds backward; right-5 seconds forward;up-Next track;down-Previous track;+=Volume up;-=Volume down. Keywords: live, online, free web, tune search best news sport breaking reports weather, entertainment, business, market, stock, exchange, technology, food, entertainment, travel, health, sports, pacific ocean, city, town, movies, music, dancing, state, politics, business, shopping, fashion, girls, restaurant, places visit, lifestyle, tech, science, rss, local, real estate,traffic, dinning, holiday, vacations, cars, blogs,headlines website, radios stations, fm channel, -- favorite, song, music; listen, watch, gratis,r&b mp3, streaming, download, radio, hits, mp3s, stream, popular, top, bands, banned commercials, advertising. singers, albums, free, movie, trailers, flash, media, movies, films, teasers, movielist, tv, stations, post, sport, radio, playlist, application, stations, Entertainment , fun, teens, thousand, christmas,worldwide, broadcasting, noel, Weihnachten, just for laugh, funny, banned, grunge blogger, blogspot, wordpress, indie rock, broadway, vocalists, childrens , gospel, classical, comedy, miscellaneous, country, dance, electronic, hard jazz, latin , new age, opera, romantic, love, rap, hip-hop, soundtracks, world , american alternative, british , compilations, general, goth, industrial, hardcore, indie, lo-fi, live recordings, wave, post punk, anime, singer-songwriters, ska, acoustic , chicago female vocal delta electric guitar, modern regional cabaret, musicals educational, lullabies, baroque, sing-a-longs, christian , alternative praise, worship, album, aor, arena british invasion, glam, live albums, psychedelic southern , ballets, dances, chamber music, forms, genres, historical periods, instruments, symphonies, americana, bluegrass, cowboy, honky-tonk, easter, hallowen, karaoke, brazilian, holiday, thanksgiven, outlaw, progressive western swing, ambient, nature, yoga, german, french, italian, spanish, russian, disco, drum, bass, electronica, freestyle, house, techno,lounge trance, trip-hop, turntablists, world dance, contemporary jewish, yiddish music, traditional british, celtic traditional british , death metal, thrash, speed africa, australia, new zealand, celtic, europe, far east, reggae, acid avant garde, free, bebop, brazilian, cool fusion, latin, modern postbebop, new orleans smooth soul boogaloo, swing traditional ragtime, vocal big band, flamenco, latin comedy, exercise, holiday, poetry, spoken word, interviews, radio shows, sound effects, wedding music, celtic, environmental, meditation, relaxation, travel, healing, languages, operas, operettas, oratorios, adult, easy listening, euro , oldies, soft classic r and b, , funk, motown, neo-soul, new jack, quiet storm, soul, bass, east coast, experimental gangsta, hardcore, international rap, old school, pop , southern , west coast,rnb blues country breakbeat folk, jam bands, oldies, retro, progressive, guitarists, roots cores, movie soundtracks, television lyrics--- Reproducción de música libre. Reloj digital. Escuchar en vivo las emisoras de radio nacionales e internacionales.--Radio giocatore. Riproduzione di musica libera. Orologio digitale. Ascoltare dal vivo i canali radio nazionali ed internazionali. Funksender in Deutschland Liveschaltung nationalen und internationalen Radiosendern.--Lecteur de radio. Ecouter de la musique libre. Horloge numérique. Ecoutez en direct les chaînes de radio nationales et internationales. --Jogador de rádio. Tocar música livre. Relógio digital. Ouça ao vivo canais de rádio nacionais e internacionais. --Posturi Redati muzica gratuit. Ceas digital. Asculta canale nationale si internationale de . --Радиостанции. Играть бесплатно музыку. Цифровые часы. Слушайте живой национальных и международных каналов радио. ラジオ局。無料で音楽を再生。デジタルクロック。国内および国際的な無線チャネルを生きて聞く。 -- 广播电台。播放的音乐。数字时钟。国家和国际广播频道。 - Spil gratis musik. Digitalt ur. nationale og internationale radiokanaler.
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Instructions for the Code
h = Height of the Gadget;
w = Width of the Gadget;
title = Title of the Gadget;
Advanced Settings : Gadget Settings

Code for the Application
<script src="//;up_GenMuz=rock&amp;up_DefVol=75&amp;up_AutoPl=0&amp;;up_RadioC1Nm=Custom%20Radio%201&amp;;up_RadioC2Nm=Custom%20Radio%202&amp;;up_RadioC3Nm=Custom%20Radio%203&amp;;up_RadioC4Nm=Custom%20Radio%204&amp;;up_RadioC5Nm=Custom%20Radio%205&amp;synd=open&amp;w=275&amp;h=290&amp;title=Relax%2CJazz%2CTop+Hits%2COldies+etc.+Internet+Streaming+Radios&amp;border=%23ffffff%7C3px%2C1px+solid+%23999999&amp;output=js"></script>

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