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If you want to learn the French Language from scratch or improve your knowledge these video courses, selected from youtube can help you. The lessons cover a wide variety of topics: Dialogues, Grammar, Adverbs, Articles and determiners, Personal pronouns, Conjugation,Adjectives, Verb morphology, Orthography, Alphabet, Use of the circumflex, Phonology, Elision, Liaison, Aspirated h; indicative, adjectif, imperative, subjunctive, conditional, infinitive, participle, gerundive, past, present,future,active, passive, reflexive, word of the day, phrases, audio pronunciation, dictionary, study, online, learning, course,apprendre, etudier, lernen, imparare,invata, aprender, estudar, учиться, 学ぶ, 学习, تعلم, lære, leren, uczyć się, tutorial---français, Französisch, francez, الفرنسية, Френски, 法国, 法國,francouzsky, fransk, Franse, Ranskan, Pranses, Γαλλικά, צרפתי, फ्रांसीसी, Francia, francese, Prancūzijos, Французский, francúzsky, francés, franska, ภาษาฝรั่งเศส, Fransız, Pháp

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