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Enjoy a wide variety of online music with this free Radio Player built using the new Html5 technology and jQuery. Some radio stations may take a few seconds to load. Recommended browser for this application is the latest version of Chrome. In other browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari), only some radios will work.
You have predifined musical genres, also this gadget allows you to choose 6 custom radio channels or you may select a simple song (MP3 / Wav / Ogg format). This app also displays a digital clock and the current date. Go to Igoogle Settings (or modify the Code Section, below) ,to input your personalized stations; set the default Volume, choose another Desing Theme. Keywords: horloge, uhr, ceas, reloj, orologio, zeit, indie rock, broadway, vocalists, childrens , gospel, classical, comedy, miscellaneous, country, dance, electronic, hard jazz, latin , new age, opera, romantic, love, rap, rnb, Christmas, religious, christian, budist, baptist, ortodox, soundtracks, world , american alternative, british , compilations, general, goth, industrial, hardcore, indie, relax, lo-fi, live recordings, wave, post punk, anime, singer-songwriters, ska, acoustic , chicago female vocal delta electric guitar, modern regional cabaret, musicals educational, lullabies, baroque, sing-a-longs, christian , alternative praise, worship, album, live albums, psychedelic southern , ballets, dances, chamber music, forms, genres, historical periods, instruments, symphonies, americana, bluegrass, cowboy, honky-tonk, easter, hallowen, karaoke, brazilian, holiday, thanksgiven, outlaw, progressive western swing, ambient, nature, yoga, german, french, italian, spanish, russian, disco, drum, bass, electronica, freestyle, house, techno,lounge trance, hip-hop, pop, relaxation, metal, blues, classic, oldies, 50s, 60s, 70, 80s, 90s music, latino, Xmas , top 40, hits, meditation, nirvana, reggae.

Code for the Application
<script src="//;up_Theme=South%20Street&amp;up_DefVol=35&amp;;up_Cust1Nm=A&amp;;up_Cust2Nm=80s%20Hits&amp;;up_Cust3Nm=B&amp;;up_Cust4Nm=Rock%202&amp;;up_Cust5Nm=C&amp;up_Cust6Url=http%3A%2F%2F217.73.17.42%3A8000%2Fbest.ogg&amp;up_Cust6Nm=Hits2&amp;synd=open&amp;w=760&amp;h=355&amp;title=Live+Music+Radio+Player%2C+Html5&amp;border=%23ffffff%7C3px%2C1px+solid+%23999999&amp;output=js"></script>

h = Height of the Gadget;
w = Width of the Gadget;
title = Title of the Gadget;
For more Advanced Settings go here: Gadget Settings

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